October 21, 2021

Gameloop BGMI Release Update – Halted by Krafton

gameloop bgmi emulator launch date

This week it was about to launch the BGMI game but recently halted by Krafton who is the developer of BGMI game . Let’s see the full article that why it got cancelled and when it is going to be released.

gameloop bgmi emulator launch date
Gameloop BGMI Release Update - Halted by Krafton 1

Gemeloop is one of the best Emulator available for PC that you can use to play mobile game in your PC as there you don’t need to suffer in mapping the keys and all. And also its AOW Turbo engine is efficient to give you a smooth and fluid performance.

The developer team of Gameloop pc emulator has recently notified that they are going to lauch the BGMI on their platform very soon. And it was about to be released this week but Today they tweeted that the release of BGMI has been halted on their platform as per the instructions recieved from the Krafton.

Gameloop previous bgmi update
Gameloop previous BGMI Update

Krafton is the one who is the developer of the Battle Grounds Mobile India. And there are millions of emulator players in India who was waiting for the release and today they got this bad news of halting the release by Krafton.

So as of now the launch has been halted and there is no updates from either Krafton or Gameloop that when they will launch the game in emulator. Stick with us and subscribe to our push notification we will soon release updates once we got any clue regarding this.

In the discord update they also mentioned to ask to Krafton for the reason why they have halted the release. So you can ask to them and raise your query. To do so goto below Support Link and submit your dispute

bgmi support
BGMI Support

Other Best Emulator for BGMI

There are plenty of other emulators as well that you can try off. But they are not up to the mark as of Gameloop. So you have to suffer in mapping the right keys at right place and even the Zoom key.

Well you can try these emulators if you want to play BGMI . I have sorted out some best emulators that you can use to play the game . But you need to map the keys by your own convience .

  • Bluestack
  • Memu Player
  • Nox-Player
  • Remix OS

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Can I play BGMI in MAC?

Yes you can play but then you need to install a mac compaitible emulator .

Can i install Gameloop in MAC?

As of now gameloop is only available for Windows OS so you can’t install it in your mac os .

How to download Gameloop?

You can download gameloop from their official website . But keep in mind that BGMI will not work now as it has been halted and not yet released for this emulator

How to play BGMI on PC?

You need to install a emulator in your PC and then only you will be able to play BGMI as it is a Android/IOS game .

gameloop bgmi emulator launch date
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